AXEL STJÄRNE had a dream come true when, shortly upon graduating film school, his final project ”Get Ready With Me” won an Oscar for Best Student Film in 2018. The way this sophisticated thriller pulls its audience to the edge of their seats - with its complex characters and bold turning points - is a great example of Axel’s strengths as a writer.

To boil it down, Axel is allergic to dull moments and strives always to entertain, be it through inspiring his audience to root for a couple in love, cover their eyes in fear, or marvel at a fascinating life story. When it comes to his preferred process, Axel is far from the solitary writer. He revels in push back from producers and directors, the more frustrating the meeting, the more creative he gets on his way home.

Currently, Axel is working on a rom-com feature for SF Studios, an original supernatural thriller series for Warner Brothers, and the first season of a crime epic for Nexiko.

selected works:

Partisan (storyline editing) - series - in production
Cryptid - series - in production
De Levande - feature - in development
Get ready with me - short - 2018
Lost in Kyiv - short - 2018
De andra barnen - short - 2017

awards and nominations:

Get ready with me - short - Winner for Best film, Student Academy Awards - 2018