BJØRN EKEBERG (b. 1978) has a strong track record in the film and TV Industry, developing and writing original drama in Norwegian and English. He has a special affinity for dramatic thrillers with contemporary relevance.

Bjørn co-wrote the award-winning drama series “Valkyrien” for NRK, named on both New York Times and BBC's Top 10 list of new TV series in 2017, distributed by Channel 4 UK. More recently, he wrote the popular Nordic noir crime drama series “Grenseland” (Borderliner) for Netflix, TV 2 Norway, Sky Deutschland and SVT. The series was nominated for the Nordic Script prize at Gothenburg International film Festival 2018. 

former journalist in Norway covering media politics and economic affairs, Bjørn lived in North America for 12 years and holds a PhD in History of Thought & Political Science,from Victoria University, BC,Canada. He has a forthcoming book with University of Minnesota Press called “Metaphysical Experiments: Physics and the Invention of the Universe”. He is also fluent in German.

Currently, Bjørn is working on an international epic, “Quisling”, about Norway's infamous traitor during World War II, produced by Viafilm and starring Anders Baasmo Christiansen. Bjørn is also writing a psychological thriller series called “Umenneske” (Inhuman) with funding from the Norwegian Film Institute.

Quisling - series in development
Umenneske - series in development
Grenseland / Borderliner - 2018
Valkyrien - 2017
Campingliv - 2016


Grenseland / Borderliner
Nominated for Nordic Script Award, Gothenburg Film Festival - 2018

Gullruten (Norwegian TV Awards) for Best drama series - 2017

Camping With Ada
Best Short film at Milano International Film Festival - 2016