BJÖRN RUNGE has worked as a director in film, tv and theatre since the early 1980s. Runge is renowned for his unique way of directing actors,  but also has a thorough experience in scriptwriting as he has written many of his own films. Runges next film ”The Wife”, staring Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce and Christian Slater, is playing in theaters world wide and has received critical acclaim. The Swedish premier is in December 2018. 

The Wife - 2018
Happy End - 2010
Mun Mot Mun - 2005
Om Jag Vänder Mig Om - 2003
Raymond - 1997
Harry & Sonja - 1995

Familjen - 2002
Anderssons Älskarinna - 2001

Jag Är En Annan Nu - 2018
En Handelsresandes Död av A.Miller - 2014
Nattvarden av L. Norén - 2014
Uppdraget - 2008
Aska av H. Pinter - 2006