CAROLINE COWAN is an experienced, bilingual director with a Bachelor of Honor in Film from the highly acclaimed Central Saint Martins College in London. Her wide experience as a director reaches from short films that have garnered significant recognition at various film festivals to praised drama series.

Caroline’s first children’s’ drama series ”Joy”, that she both directed and wrote, is a humorous and insightful look at contemporary life in Sweden told from the perspective of a bi-racial Swedish family.

Caroline has also directed several episodes of the crime series Arne Dahl which has garnered success both in Sweden and in the UK. 

Arne Dahl: Mörkertal - 2015
Joy (writer/director) - 2014
Fallet - 2009
Andra avenyn - 2007
Fritt fall / Departure (idea/director) - 2007
Sjätte dagen - 2000
Vänner och fiender - 1999


Nominated at Prix Jeunesse 2014

Fritt Fall / Departure
Nominated for a Golden Lion for Best short film at Venice Film Festival 2007


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