DANIELLA MENDEL ENK, screenwriter, actress and script consultant (b.1977, Gothenburg, Sweden) has worked in various radio, TV and film productions since she began her career as an actress for the Swedish Radio in 1988. After studying Italian and filmmaking in Italy she moved to Stockholm in 1998, where she proceeded her acting education at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. The following years, she mainly worked as a stage actress and produced her own projects and plays.

In 2002 she started writing for and acting in comedy sketches for the Swedish Radio and after attending writers school at Biskops-Arnö she successfully moved into television and film. With a talent for suspenseful drama and smart comedy with emphasis on complex characters and sharp dialogue, Mendel-Enk has gained vast experience from working in writers’ rooms, writing episodes for various television productions and feature film. 

Mendel-Enk  is currently working on a feature film for Zentropa Sweden and a self-biography about her childhood in the Jewish community of Gothenburg and how it dramatically ended with her father’s suicide in 1990.

Sune vs. Sune – 2018
Livet i mattelandet - 2016
Vårdgården - 2016
Halvvägs till himlen - 2014
Solsidan - 2012


Halvvägs till himlen
Nominated at Kristallen 2017

Livet i mattenlandet
Nominated at Kristallen 2016

Nominated at Kristallen 2013

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