DRAGAN MITIC was raised in a Yugoslav immigrant community in Gothenburg, in a perpetual state of lingual, cultural and political confusion. At times quite painful, but with the benefit of supplying him with a lifetime's worth of material about identity and belonging, social struggle and toxic patriotism. He studied psychology and sociology at the university of Gothenburg, has a bachelor's degree in literature and ventured into storytelling by writing feature pieces for newspapers and magazines. He soon moved in the direction of fiction and is today working with his favorite themes in multiple formats.

His play ”Joe Hill” about the legendary Swedish-American labor activist toured for two years, raising awareness about social inequality and the death penalty. His co-written screenplay “Min faster I Sarajevo (”My aunt in Sarajevo”) deals with father-daughter relations and cultural legacy in a migrant family. His most recent project is a black comedy screenplay ”The Terrorist”, a film on intercultural prejudice and it's potential for derailing even the best of neighborly relations.

Terroristen - in development
Vuxenpoäng - in development
Min faster i Sarajevo – 2016


Min faster i Sarajevo
Guldbaggen nominated for best screenplay - 2017