In 2018 GUSTAF ÅKERBLOM debuted as a screenwriter for the feature film ”Halvdan, almost a Viking”. A family film he also directed with a total budget of 37 million SEK.

Gustaf Åkerbloms previous feature film was ”Sune i fjällen”. The film had close to 600 000 admissions in Swedish cinemas and was the most popular Swedish film to open in 2014. It was also nominated for The audience award at The Swedish film awards the same year.

Gustaf Åkerblom started his career in film and TV with directing and writing a number of short films and directed music videos for popular Swedish artists. Gustaf has also written and directed a number of episodes for sit coms and comedy shows.

selected works:

Sjölyckan - series (director) - 2019

Halvdan, almost a Viking (Halvdan Viking) - feature (screenwriter and director) - 2018

The Anderssons hit the mountains (Sune i fjällen) - feature (director) - 2014

The Nut (Muttern) - short (screenwriter and director) - 2014

Blind date - short (screenwriter and director) - 2013

awards and nominations:

The Anderssons hit the mountains (Sune i fjällen) - Nominated for the Audience Award at Guldbaggen (Swedish Academy Award) - 2014