HENRIK ENGSTRÖM started his career writing for children in 2003. He has since then worked regularly as a screenwriter and script consultant for a wide range of genres and formats, including adaptations and features. Henrik recognizes that stories are always built from character and it is also his curiosity for human psychology and relationships he draws inspiration from for his one ambition: To tell moving stories.

He has been involved in numerous successful productions, such as LasseMajas Detektivbyrå (SF) and Rebecka Martinsson (TV4). 

Henrik has had a long and successful cooperation with screenwriter Mattias Grosin. The duo´s most recent work Lasse Majas Detektivbyrå “Tågrånarens Hemlighet” is premiering in 2020. 

Selected works:

Malcolm – series in development
LasseMaja och Tågrånarens Hemlighet– 2020
LasseMaja och Första fallet- 2018 
Rebecka Martinsson (based on Åsa Larssons books)– 2017 
Dockäventyren- 2011 
Höjdarna- 2004 


Rebecka Martinsson - Kristallen-nominated for Best Drama - 2017

Noras Pärla - Winner of Kids Jury Award, BUFF - 2013

Dockäventyren -  Winner of Best Drama and Audience Prize -NBF Ebeltoft 2011 

Hotell Kantarell - Kristallen-nominated for Best Children Drama - 2008