ISABELLA CARBONELL is a director and screenwriter based in Stockholm. Visual storytelling is her true passion and over the last eight years she has written and directed seven short films. 

Amongst them "Boys" which was screened during the Critic's Week in Cannes and won the Grand Jury Award for best Live Action Short at the AFI Film Fest in Los Angeles.

Isabella is drawn to stories that confronts the audience with uncomfortable questions and themes that are bound to a social political reality. By working with genres such as thriller, drama and sci-fi she wishes to create films that cannot be shaken off after leaving the theatre. Her goal is to find new perspectives and charecters that are rarely given room within the universe of Scandinavian filmmaking.

Yustinas resa – in production
Dogborn – in development
Hitgirl - 2017
Pojkarna / Boys - 2015
Galningarna / Maniacs - 2014
Rabbii / music video - 2014
Hästpojken / music video - 2014
Tornado - 2013
Dansu - 2011
Min vän Josef - 2010


Pojkarna / Boys
Won the Grand Jury Prize in the category Live Action Short Film at AFI Film Fest.

Won in the Best Foreign Film category at Figaro Film Festival.

Won Best Direction at The Golden Deer Award.

Won the Cinematic Achievement Award at TISFF.

Galningarna / Maniacs
Won the Bull Award in the Best Narrative Short category.

Won Best Underground Film at Venice Film Week.

Won in the Best Underground Film category at New York Film Week.