JENS ÖSTBERG has a background as a prominent choreographer, working with many prestigious dance companies around the world, such as the Netherlands Dance Theater and Cullberg Ballet. As a writer and director Jens prefer dark subject matter with a strong atmosphere and a slow burn intensity. Jens is an ’actor’s director’, always looking to create the strongest character work possible. A geek at heart and lover of smart genre filmmaking, he nevertheless sets out to tweak the genre rules.

His short film “Småvilt” (“Small Game”), a minimalist tale of two brothers, received an honorable mention at The Gothenburg International Film Festival, and his feature film debut “Flugparken” (“Blowfly Park”), an icy psychological thriller, was nominated for two Swedish Academy Awards, producing a win for lead actor Sverrir Gudnason.

An avid reader of screenplays, Jens is as dedicated to the craft of screenwriting as he is to bringing a vision to life as a director. Currently he’s working on several projects within the genres of supernatural, crime and psychological horror, both as a screenwriter for other directors, as well as writing for himself to direct.

Taelghia - in development
Somna inte - in development
Flugparken – 2014
Småvilt – 2009


Flugparken / Blowfly Park
Best film at Stockholm Film Festival - 2014

Best film at Thessaloniki International Film Festival – 2014

Småvilt / Small Game
Honorable Mention, Gothenburg International Film Festival - 2009

The Cullberg Scolarship - 2004

Philip Morris Ballet Flower Award - 1997

The Sacred Man
Grand Prix Sélection National de Rencontres Chorégraphique de Bagnolet - 1995

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