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Johan Berthling and Andreas Söderström first met in the late 90’s, playing in different bands on the burgeoning Swedish alternative music scene. 
On request from screenwriter Anders Weidemann they wrote music for the drama series 30 Degrees in February in 2011 which was their first film related project. This stirred an interest to work deeper in the field and for each project they work hard to find the right tone for the score. They constantly hone their skills as well as expanding their array of instruments. Apart from many other composers they mostly use analogue equipment and old-school instruments in their scoring.

Jag gråter bara med ena ögat (Sveriges radio) - 2018
Marvinter julkalender (Sveriges radio) - 2017
The Accountant - 2016
Lyckoborgen julkalender (Sveriges radio) - 2016
30 grader i februari s. 2 - 2016
Jakten - 2014
Foodies: the culinary jet set - 2014
Hotell - 2013
30 grader året om dokumentär - 2012
30 grader i februari - 2012
Avalon - 2011