JOHAN JOHANSSON has been writing for different comedy shows since 2011. Johan is still surprised he is doing this for a living. His friends are even more surprised, since Johan is not even remotely funny. But somehow he has managed to clinch on to the TV-industry with his mediocre scripts and predictable gags. 

One of Johans biggest assets is that he doesn’t cause any fuzz in the writer’s room. He just smiles politely and then deal with any kind of frustration in a very passive aggressive way, or just by telling himself that he sucks. Over and over again. 

So if that is what you’re looking for in a writer (and I am sure you are not), Johan is your man. 

Finaste Familjen - 2018
Lingonligan - 2017
Barncancergalan - 2016
Sveriges Historia - 2015
Skolan - 2015
Halvvägs till Himlen III - 2015
Inte OK - 2015
Halvvägs till Himlen II - 2014
Jävla Pajas - 2013
Söder om Folkungagatan - 2013 
Jättebästisar - 2013
Sommartider - 2013
Jobbtjuven - 2012
Time Out - 2011-2012
Parlamentet - 2011-2012
Extra Extra - 2011-2012


Halvvägs till Himlen
Kristallen nominated for best comedy series - 2017