JONAS WESTBOM is a film director, mountain hiker and father of two boys. He has done everything from sparks to FAD before he received his bachelor in film directing at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts.

 His graduation film “För Sverige i tiden” (King of Sweden) was Oscar Nominated for Best Foreign School Film. Jonas has directed tv series "Min bror kollokungen" and “Innan vi dör” (Before we die), both nominated for Best Drama at Swedish television award Kristallen.

Jonas wants to make straight and visual stories with true characters. He believes identification and sympathy comes from understanding characters and we cannot understand someone without visualize their inner wants and needs. 

Innan vi dör / Before we die - 2017
Min bror kollokungen - 2016
För sverige i tiden / King of Sweden - 2013         


Innan vi dör / Before we die
Kristallen Nominee for Best Drama  - 2017

Min bror kollokungen
Kristallen Nominee for Kids and Youth Drama - 2016

För Sverige i Tiden / King of Sweden
Academy Award Nominee for Best Foreign Student Film - 2013


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