KRISTINA SVÄRD is a scriptwriter and director with a Bachelor Degree in Film Studies from Stockholm University. After graduating she worked in various positions in TV production until she 2002 continued her studies at the Director Program at The Institute for Higher Television in Gothenburg. Her debut film,  “25-årsfesten” was funded by Film i Väst and premiered at the Gothenburg Film Festival. She has directed the documentary “Vart tar alla bilar vägen när dom dör” for SVT and the Italian documentary, “Venice Love Story”, which premiered at the Nordic Film Festival in Rome. Kristina has lived and worked several years in Italy where she has drama series as well as features in development.  

Kristina is currently focused on writing. Her home base is in Stockholm, Sweden where she has worked on two dark comedy series, “Black Widows”, and “Torpederna”, winner of Best Comedy Series 2017. She is currently the creator of a supernatural thriller series for SF and Viaplay. 


Åreakuten - in production
Helsinki Poets
- feature in development
Welcome to Svalbard - dramaseries in development
Black Widows (writer) - 2017
Torpederna  (writer) - 2016
Venice Love story (director) - 2014
Vart tar alla bilar vägen när dom dör? (director) - 2006
25-årsfesten (director/writer) - 2004
Skilda Världar (writer) - 1999


Self - winner of Sandrews Feature Film Grant - 2013  

Self - finalist at the SeriesLab Italia - 2015

Torpederna - winner of Kristallen for Best Comedy Series - 2017


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