Love Martinsen Pressbild 2018.jpg

Love Martinsen is a composer, producer and musician from Stockholm. He writes music for film & television. He has written and produced music for both alternative bands and artists as well as scores for box office hits. On his resume you’ll find things like feature film ”Solsidan”, tv-series ”Bonusfamiljen”, music for documentaries and short films, a co-operation with Justin Timberlake for an Audi commercial and writer/producer credits for numerous albums.

Love has a rare talent in capturing the essence in a scene and building the perfect soundscape for it. Whether it is by using an old broken clarinet or big dreamy synthesizers. He is a skilled multi-instrumentalist with a very wide knowledge that spans over most genres. 

Feature films

2017 – Solsidan (feature)
2015 – Odödliga
2014 – Remake


2016 – 2018 Bonusfamiljen, season 1-3
2018 – Sjölyckan season 1
2014 – 2017 Torpederna season 1-2

Documentaries & short films

2016 – A calm swept over 
2015 – Chapter 11 
2014 – Sara Vide-Ericson
2014 – Grand piano legend
2014 – Save
2013 – Henric de la Cour


Volkswagen, Scania, Burger King, Electrolux, Lindex, Ellos, SAS, Schöffel, Klarsynt, Länsförsäkringar, Vattenfall, Bonava, Axa, Ikea, Audi, Försvarsmakten, Överenskommelsen, Nordiska Ministerrådet, Daisy/Grace, Delicato and Finnair.