MARIETTA VON HAUSSWOLFF VON BAUMGARTEN has studied cinema and TV in Stockholm, Europe (Stockholm University, Sources, North by Northwest) and New York City (Tisch School of the Arts NYU, The New School) and has worked as screenwriter, playwright, script consultant, director and creative producer in fields as diverse as film, journalism, publishing, art and music, production, theatre and drama television. After her film education she worked for 7 years with development and writing of TV series in Scandinavia for companies such as SVT Drama and Pearson Freemantle. 

Marietta is since 2007 a tutor at Torino Film lab, and connected as an independent consultant for various international labs and companies, such as Sundance Labs Utah, Venice Biennale College Microbudget labs and Tiff Studio (Toronto) as well as Doha Film Institute, Midpoint and Cinelink Drama Sarajevo.  She has worked in China, Egypt, Mexico, Burma, Nepal and Pakistan.

With the film “Call Girl” Marietta broke new ground in Swedish contemporary cinema. The film is a deep dive into dark social and political secrets, during a time when Sweden was considered a flawless democracy. The film shattered the image of Sweden as an innocent, just society, and became an artistic prequel to the me-too awareness, by showing the world of corrupt men from the point of view of a young girl in the care of those very same men. 

selected works:

Ragnarok - in production
(tv-series in production) – 2019
Finds them and Kills them (feature in development) – 2019
Katastrofdoktorn (feature in development) – 2019
Untitled (tv-series in production) – 2019
Wasted– 2013  
Call Girl– 2012 screenwriter and co-producer
Allrams höjdarpaket– 2004-2006 head writer and storyline
Tre kronor– 1998-1999 writer 
Skilda världar– between 1996-2001 freelance 18 episodes and head writer and main editor
Nudlar och 08:or– 1996 storyliner and head writer season one
Children of Luna 1995– created by (uncredited, produced in 2000) 

awards and nominations:

Call Girl - won the Fipresci price in Toronto Film festival. The film also competed in Torino, Buenos Aires, Stockholm and Taipei. Nominated for best script at Guldbaggen 2013 and for Discovery Best Script at the European Film Award.

Wasted– the script won a Feature Film Award at Stockholm Film Festival.