MATTIAS GROSIN is a screenwriter who has written several TV series, feature films and radio dramas. He has collaborated with other writers and enjoys the process in the writers room. Mattias’ strength is writing psychological drama that drills into the depth of human relations. He believes there is where real comedy and suspense happens.

Together with Henrik Engström, he has formed an author duo writing together for the last 15 years. Mattias and Henrik have written for varying genres, from puppet sit coms to adaptations of thriller novels. Their latest feature film is "Lasse-Maja och Första Fallet" and in the summer of 2019, "Tågrånarens Hemlighet" will be shoot with an original script by Mattias and Henrik. 

Mattias is educated at Biskops Arnö's writing school and STDH's Masterclass in TV drama. He is also dramaturge and is the head author of the radiodrama "Fallet Wilma Diaz" premiering in October 2019. Together with Henrik, he is now developing an additional Lasse-Maja movie.


LasseMaja och Tågrånarens Hemlighet – 2020 
Fallet Wilma Diaz – 2019 
LasseMaja och Första fallet - 2018 
Rebecka Martinsson – 2017 
Dockäventyren - 2011 
Höjdarna - 2004 


Rebecka Martinsson - Kristallen-nominated for Best Drama - 2017

Noras Pärla - Winner of Kids Jury Award, BUFF - 2013

Dockäventyren -  Winner of Best Drama and Audience Prize -NBF Ebeltoft 2011 

Hotell Kantarell - Kristallen-nominated for Best Children Drama - 2008


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