As a fiction literary writer PAULINE WOLFF placed her novels just outside the mainstream segment, mainly writing adventurous stories with origInal characters and unexpected plot turns. She is considered to be an unique and vivid mind in the literary landscape of Scandinavia. 

Her adaptation of her own novel "Swede" – a feminist action thriller (currently in development) – was her first step into writing for film and tv. Most recently Wolff has written script and book adaption for upcoming crime TV-series “STHLM Requiem” (TV4), based on Kristina Ohlssons popular books.

Taelghia - in development
Angels of Revenge – in development
STHLM Requiem – 2018

Awards & Nominations:
STHLM Requiem
– Nominated for Rockie Awards - Best Non-English drama-series - BANFF World Media Festival 2019


Foto: Åsa Höijer

Foto: Åsa Höijer