PETER BIRRO is one of Scandinavia’s most admired and prolific screenwriters. His groundbreaking TV series ("Hammarkullen", "Det Nya Landet" and "Upp Till Kamp") are sweeping visions of Swedish society, marginalized people, political sagas and deeply human, emotional stories. For cinema he has written the hugely successful biopic "Monica Z" about internationally acclaimed jazz singer Monica Zetterlund, one of Sweden’s most talented and tragic artists. As well as "Snabba Cash II" ("Easy Money II") and "Bäst i Sverige" ("We can be Heroes") starring Michael Nyqvist. His work has been awarded some of Europe’s most prestigious prizes, like Prix Italia and Prix Europe multiple times. In 1997 he received The Ingmar Bergman Award, from the director himself. 


438 dagar - 2019
Soldiers of Fortune – in development - director Per Fly
Viva Hate – 2014
Monica Z – 2013
Snabba Cash II / Easy Money II (co-writer) - 2012
Upp till kamp / How soon is now - 2007
Kniven i hjärtat / A knife in my heart - 2005
Bäst i Sverige! / We can be heroes - 2002
Den förste zigenaren i rymden / The first gypsy in space  - 2002
Det Nya Landet / The New Country (filmversion - co writer: Lukas Moodysson) - 2001
Hammarkullen / I’ll see you in Kaliningrad - 1997


Viva Hate - TV-Prix Europa - 2014

Upp till kamp - TV-Award Prix Italia - 2008

Kniven i hjärtat - TV-Award Prix Italia - 2002

Hammarkullen - Ingmar Bergman Prize - screenplay - 1998

Hammarkullen - TV-Award Prix Italia - 1998

Bäst i Sverige! - Guldbagge Awards - nomination Best screenplay - 2003

Det Nya Landet  - Guldbagge Awards - nomination Best screenplay 2001



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