ÅSA KALMER director, set designer, actress and scripwriter started in the 80s, BY writing and starring in the cult show Donna Ma Donna. Åsa has assisted Ingmar Bergman and directed critically acclaimed productions on the leading Nordic stages as well as for television. Always choosing contemporary writers such as Svetlana Aleksijevitj, Bernard-Marie Koltès, Steve Sem-Sandberg and Kristina Lugn.

She has also directed drama, documentary, comedy and wider stories such as the popular TV-series "Kaspar in the Nowthen Valley". For SVT she directed Åsa Lantz TV series "Invoke" and "To mourn Linnea", by Kristina Lugn with Per Oscarsson as well as episodes of "Skeppsholmen". "Afternoon Encounter" 2017 starred Gunnel Lindblom and Sven-Bertil Taube and was her first film for the big screen.

Åsa is currently developing a feature film bases on "I don’t want to die,I just don’t want to live" by Ann Heberlein and a westernmovie, "Angels of Revenge".

Möte om eftermiddagen - 2017
Åkalla - 2008
Att sörja Linnéa - 2004
Skeppsholmen - 2004
Kaspar i Nudådalen - 2001
På andra sidan - 2001
På andra sidan - 2000

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