SARA KADEFORS began her career as a journalist and started writing fiction in the late 90´s. After a few years as a novelist she has now returned to writing scripts for film and television. Sara has recently finished writing “Tsunami”, a mini series produced for SVT, based on her original idea and insoired by real events, and an adaptation of a finish TV-series which both will be shot during 2019. Sara prefers to write drama with a touch of suspense and humour. Her previous work includes the series “Orka orka”, produced for SVT and the feature films “Fröken Sverige” and “Sandor Slash Ida” (Based on her award winning novel with the same name).

selected works:

Tsunami - in production
Sandor slash Ida - 2005
Orka! Orka! - 2004
Fröken Sverige - 2004

awards and nominations:

Sandor slash Ida
Winner of the Canal+ Award at Gothenburg Film Festival - 2005