Silvana Imam, half Syrian half Lithuanian, born i Lithuania and raised in Jakobsberg, has a unique, powerful sound and is one of the most respected and celebrated hip hop artists in Sweden. Her latest album “Helig Moder” was released in February 2019 on her own label, is her third.

Among her awards are Musikförläggarnas prize "Writer of the year" (2015), the P3 Guld prize for Best live act ”Guldmicken” (2016) and Artist of the year at Grammisgalan (2016). 

Albatros Agency represents Silvanas sync rights and original music for commersials, film and tv. 


Helig Moder (album) - 2019
Naturkraft (album) - 2016
Jag Dör För Dig (ep) - 2015
Spotify Sessions - 2015
När Du Ser Mig – Se Dig (ep) - 2014
Rekviem (album) - 2013
Väck mig när ni vaknat (dokumentary) - 2017
Nonsense Warrior (exhibit, Scenkonstmuseet Stockholm) - 2017 
Silvana (book) - 2018